New Blog and Website

I found out this morning at about 4 AM that people still know who “Yoshiko” is, even though I fell off the map for a few years.  I love that about the L5R community, and it really made me want to start up a website again.

I’m still working on design and hosting for the rest of the website, but this blog will serve as the “News” section and homepage of the upcoming full website!  It will be a collection of material from my old site with some new items as I find them.

There are a few special things I want to do with my site:

  • Post decklists in one section, in a concise format to make them easy to find.
  • Write articles on everything from CCG strategy to buzz in the community.
  • Point people to interesting, Craney things I find on the internet and off.
  • Hopefully unite the community, and connect with Crane players I meet at tournaments.

I have a few article ideas I’m tossing around.

  • “Blingin’ on a Budget:  Rep Your Clan on the Cheap”
  • “Manly Duds for Clan Style”

I really will write about something that’s NOT gamer fashion, but I think those two articles would be unique and enjoyable.

The website, as with my old site, will feature decklists, articles, and various Crane multimedia I’ve made in the past and will make in the future!  If you have any ideas for wallpapers or whatnot, input is welcomed!

Thanks for stopping by.  🙂


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