Tacoma Kotei 2008

This was Nathan’s (Hotaru) and my first Kotei of the year and one of only 2 we’ll get to attend before Gencon, but DUN DUN DUN we have pretty much decided we ARE going to Gencon this year!

I played Shiz Toshi Honour, Exploding Crane as Case called it, and went 5-3! I’m so happy as I got next to NO practice before the tournament! I didn’t tell my opponents that though…

I was Top Female player and got some neat courtier figurines! I don’t know what the prize would’ve been for a girl playing a military deck…

Winning Moves:  Taking off my obi in the middle of a game v. Scorpion Dishonour, while my opponent was playing Unfortunate Incident… and later on… changing clothes in Nathan’s car rather than keep wearing my uncomfortable costume all day.  In shortform, I took off my kimono and started winning games.  Lesson Learned: I play better when I don’t wear a costume.  Too much fuss, not enough card concentration.

Matchups and Results:

Scorpion Dishonor – Loss, fracking dishonor. hate hate hate hate hate hatehatehate
Spider Military – Win, yay for Reinforce the Gates. Sad for Chris Braun.
Lion Venerable Plains Honor – Lost, stupid virtue cards. what is that about?
Phoenix Military – Lost, THREE TURNS OF GOLDFRACK. WTH.
Lion Military – Won, Allan and I honestly spent most of the game talking politics. It went to time and I was up in honour, but it was close and he gave me the win.
Crane Honor/Military? – Won, and I took 2 provinces with Jun’ai/Koutetsu Meiyo. I tac’d a Hamstrung! One attack I didn’t tac at all. I just sent Hakuseki in during the inf phase! RARRRRRR! /flex
Scorpion Military – Won, which was redeeming after losing to Scorpion 1st rd.
Crab – Won, very close final game. I crossed 40 with Dist Gov/Ekei/Kitsune Den on my turn and some battle based honor gain on his attack. I held off my last province with 4 defenders, 2 Flash of Steel, and 3 Outer Walls. Yeah, I said 3.

Really fun tournament, not just because I did better than I hoped.

I’m super tired, and I no longer have a voice as the devil cold has eaten me.


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  1. Renkenjutsu from the clan forum here. You’re right about not being able to play properly in costume >.< I made so many play mistakes that I don’t normally do in my Kotei as well 😦

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