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Kotei Megagame 2010: How Best to Help the Crane

After going to my closest Kotei in Tacoma, I’ve been thinking a lot about how I can help the Crane the most in the Megagame.  I was absent minded and knew very little about the Megagame, so I didn’t renew my long since expired IA membership before this started, but my hat’s off to AEG for coming up with something really fun and interactive that allows players of all levels of competitive nature to be a part of what happens in the Plague War.

That said, I’m stuck with Koteis and what I can hope to accomplish as my ways of contributing.  I’m only making it to one more Kotei this year, the Abbotsford BC event, and I’m going to try my best.  It’s been a long, long time since the year I made it to single elims at two Koteis, so I don’t foresee myself making it to top 4.  Here are some ways, though, that I think I and other average players can do our best to get Crane some points and some story time.

1.  Play your clan.

Unless you think you’ll just wreck house with some other clan you’ve been super practicing with, play Crane.  It sounds like clan participation totals are having some bearing on what the story team does, though I don’t know specifics.

2.  Participate in the Honor events.

A lot of players don’t participate in side events, which narrows your competition.  Especially, it seems like fewer players do when it’s a costume contest.  Put something together!  I’m sure a lot of us are on a budget, me included, but some creativity will go a long way and effort is noticed!  We are the Crane.  Surely we have fabulous artisans who can make beautiful costumes and accessories, charming courtiers who can don a kimono and properly tie an obi, and strapping samurai who can fill out a hakama with pride!

3.  Tell people you’re competing in the Honor event.

I didn’t tell anyone at the Tacoma Kotei that I was trying to go for Best Clan Attire even though I was wearing a Crane kimono.  I thought it was obvious.  I got a lot of compliments on my outfit… after the votes had been cast and someone else had won.  It’s not pretentious or ostentatious to mention to your opponents, win or lose, that you are trying to compete in the Honor event for your clan and you would appreciate their contribution.  The Crane have always been great at lobbying for the Favor!

So that’s my two cents.  I know my post count will be something like TWO with this post, but I am a longtime Crane player, 12 years now, who just recently re-registered for this forum after the domain change.  I love the clan and there’s not a single clan in the Empire more suitable for me.  I’m a politics and law dork who dabbles in art, though doesn’t display much of it.   I love my clan, and hope these suggestions will make a few more people think about their own plans for the Kotei season.


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