Smug Bastids

Why do I love them?  Big Damn Heroes and Smug Bastids.  These are, strangely, a few of my favourite things… in fictional characters, anyway.

I noticed a name, Bayushi Rentatsu, on AEG’s cards for koku order list.  I looked it up because, hey, I’ve always had a soft spot for Scorpion courtiers and I’ve already put in to get the Crane courtier.  I loved, LOVED, the art.  It took me a few minutes to realize who it reminds me of… Lucius Malfoy, another favourite Smug Bastid of mine, who hails from Slytherin House, easily the Harry Potter equivalent of the Scorpion clan.


“The hair is fake, but the cane is 100% badass.”

I thought and I thought.  “Why do I like these characters?  What is it?  What part of me is engaged by this Scorpion courtier and his card art?”  And then I summed it up by creating my own take on a popular meme.

Enjoy. 🙂



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