About Me

I’m intense in a cloudy world.

Some people love this about me; others hate it. I’ve declared those haters to be weak people. Standing for something defines you, and I happily surround myself with well defined people.

I post here because I have a lot of opinions about a lot of things and I like a medium where I can express how I feel about issues larger than myself. This is not where I will post in depth about my personal life. However, there is something deeply personal about sharing heartfelt political sentiment.

People make up the polity, and politics is personal.

You will see also see posts here about gaming. I play a card game called Legend of the Five Rings. Even in this game, I play a faction made up of lawmakers, politicians, and law enforcement. My clan is the Crane, and the setting is feudal Japan.

I enjoy costuming, particularly feudal Japanese, medieval, and Celtic themes. Some of that may end up here too.

I cultivate a number of hobbies, mostly art related. I do sewing, cooking, crafting, graphic design, and whatever else feels like an exciting challenge. I’ll be posting a lot of things here that I want to share but also intend to record so I can look back on them later.

Thank you for reading!


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